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Davis Collection

Collection Details

Davis Collection held at University of Exeter Library [Institution record]

Description of Collection

Content description

The Collection deals mainly with the Arab-Israel conflict, although just under one fifth of the book collection is on subjects other than Middle Eastern studies. The archival material contains the archives of various British-based organisations involved in Palestinian affairs, papers relating to the MacBride Commission and the 'Perdition' trial, as well as personal papers relating to the donor, Dr. Uri Davis.

History and development

The collection represents the private library of Dr. Uri Davis, an Israeli scholar and activist for the Palestinian cause. It was given to the University of Exeter Library in 1991. Further material was donated by Dr. Judith Perera in 1999 and incorporated into the collection.


The catalogued element of the collection relates principally to Israel, Palestine and the Arab-Israel conflict and contains 2600 volumes of books, 600 pamphlets and 120 periodical titles, including al-Fajr (1980-93), al-Yawm al-Sabi` (1985-90), Jewish Observer and Middle East Review (1956-77), Daily News Bulletin/Jewish Telegraphic Agency (1971-80) and the General Monthly Bulletin of Current Statistics of Palestine (1936-47). The collection also contains around 100 works of modern Hebrew literature.

General arrangement and access regulations

The catalogued part of the Davis Collection contains books, pamphlets and periodicals on the Arab-Israel question. It is for reference use and is shelved on open access in the Arab World Documentation Unit (housed in the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies building). Arabic-script, Hebrew-script and Western-language materials are shelved together by subject.

The archival materials are housed in the Old Library and are still unsorted, unlisted and unavailable for consultation.

Subjects of the Collection

Regions of Asia

Near & Middle East and North Africa.



Languages of material

Arabic, English, Hebrew.


Anthropology, History, Human rights, International relations, Literature, Politics and government, Sociology, Travel.

Collection Material and Size of Collection

Material Types

Archival materials (includes non-published & mixed material), Audio materials (includes cassettes & CDs), Books, Maps (includes all types of cartographic material), Serials, Visual materials (includes photographs, prints, drawings, videos & films).

Total size of collection

2600 books, 600 pamphlets, 400 volumes/boxes of periodicals, 30 folded maps, 40 posters (uncatalogued). The archival collections have not been quantified but contain some video and audio material.

Size of collection - vernacular

Arabic: 175 books, 30 pamphlets, 24 periodical titles. Hebrew (modern): 200 books, 14 periodical titles.

Size of collection - western

English: 2100 books, 570 pamphlets, 82 periodical titles. Other Western languages: 125 books.

Collection Management Information

The collection is not being actively developed.

Content date range

1960 to present

Interlibrary loan procedure

Davis collection material not available for interlibrary loan

Collection Catalogue Information


The On-Line Catalogue for the University of Exeter Library contains entries for all books, pamphlets, serials and maps in the Davis Collection. The archival material is unsorted and unlisted and unavailable for consultation.

Catalogue transliteration schemes

Library of Congress

Catalogue scripts


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